Possibilities of Femto technology
in the future:

Femto technology is a revolutionary possibility for the future in the field of medical diagnosis. The technology works at the unicellular level by which it revitalizes or activates the functioning of poorly working cells in the body.

This results in reversing the effects of severe diseases like cancer and significantly reducing your stay in the hospital.

Water Purification

Extreme impact on our climate has led to weaker bonds between Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in water, making them more angled towards each other.

With the help of Femto Technology, water and hydrogen bonds are retained to their original form. This improves not only the taste of water but also the bioavailability of water in terms of how well it's absorbed in our bodies.

Food Storage

With the use of Femto technology, perishable food items can now have a longer shelf life. The placement of the Femto plates near fruits and vegetables helps prevent the food supplies from spoiling.

By the use of Femto technology the amount of time required for cold storage of perishables can be drastically minimized.

Filtering Cigarette Smoke

We all know the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on our lungs and our body. Yet it is only the nicotine hit that leads to the release of dopamine in our brains.

Femto Green Technology can help you separate nicotine from harmful elements present in the cigarette. With the help of the Femto chip, smokers can experience only the nicotine and no release of harmful gases into their bodies.

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