What is
Femto Technology?

To understand Femto Technology, we need to take a closer look at how particles interact at a subatomic level. Femto Technology is the next level of Nanotechnology which aims at harnessing the energy stored at the nucleus of the atom.

Today, nanotechnology is an established field. It is molecular-scale engineering that allows you total control of matter at the atomic scale. With the use of nanotechnology, atoms can form newer chemical bonds, giving rise to entirely new structures. For instance, one could create stain-less cloths with the help of nanotechnology.

Femto works on the principle of Nanotechnology which is one-millionth of a nanometre, equivalent to 10 -15 meters. When it comes to measuring atomic scales, the farthest we could go is a Picometer, which is a thousandth of a nanometer (10 -12). There are no scales to measure subatomic particles (protons, electrons, and neutrons) within an atom.

Femto Technology is the energy harnessed at the dense nucleus of an atom. To give you an idea of the analogy, an atom is 100,000 times bigger than a nucleus. In simple words, so far whatever Nano Technology could do, Femto Technology has the potential to outperform it by Trillion Times.

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